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Chinese patients will have a chance to receive US-style medical care as part of a training project for international family physicians, Beijing News reported on Thursday.

The project, developed by the Health and Family Planning Commission of Beijing"s Chaoyang district and the International Primary Care Association, will last two years, the paper said.

Medical experts from the United States will regularly visit community hospitals in Jinsong, Gaobeidian, Balizhuang and Taiyanggong over the next two years to provide service for patients and training for doctors, the report said.

On Thursday, Gary Morsch and Ronnie Martin, two family physicians from the US, visited a health service center in Gaobeidian and held a training session for 27 family doctors, the report said.

"Our doctors are trained by watching how the US professionals receive and treat patients," an official of the district"s health authority said. "More residents in Chaoyang district will enjoy medical care from the US in the future."

The official added that the one-week training sessions will be given every two months.

Training will mainly cover areas such as how to communicate with patients and conduct medical studies. The project will also organize members to learn abroad, aiming to educate 100 family physicians and establish four international family doctor bases in Chaoyang district.

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